Choosing a moving company can be a daunting task with a lot of things to consider. So how should you choose the ‘best’ moving company for you? To help we’ve created a handy information video to help make the decision easier for you below. Of course if you still have questions you can always contact us for more information if you like.

Start Early

Even if you’ve just sold your house it’s Never too early to find the right moving company for you, moving home can be a stressful time and the dates can often creep up on you and appear out of nowhere. Moving companies are used to visiting houses in which they have commenced packing so don’t feel uneasy to having a surveyor over when the house is disorganised as they are fully aware what to expect. If you’re uneasy as there is some furniture or items not to go the surveyor would also be prepared for this and they will make notes as to what is staying.

Choose Three

First things first is choosing 3 moving companies means there’s less chance you wont be left without a mover if given short notice of moving date & having a good idea of what different moving companies offer.

Ask for a survey

You’re moving company should come out or offer virtual surveys for free, this is to asses professionally what volume of items there will be to take. By taking this they will then know the correct amount/size of vehicles to bring on the day.


You should always research the moving companies before getting them out to survey. A good moving company will have lots of positive feedback. The feedback should leave you feeling confident in trusting them in your home.


This is important to make sure of as an accredited company means they have been checked for the correct insurance and making sure they maintain the highest of standards.

What’s On Offer?

Check what the company offers in regards to protecting your home and furniture, the last thing you want is for your furniture to get damaged by poorly protected furniture or carpets to be ruined by no floor runners being put down during the move. Are the staff uniformed and smart? Why is this important? Well smart uniformed staff shows a well ran company showing pride in who they are and what they offer

Choosing The Right Moving Company

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