Tips For A Stress-Free House Move

Moving stress-free sound’s impossible right? Well with these Tips/Hacks we’re hoping it will be a Stress-free day.

1.Have a Good Old Clear out

Obvious as it may seem but sorting through your belongings you don’t wish to take can reduce the amount of time spent packing and can be done while you pack. Have a purge utilise charity’s to give your old clothes and furniture to as many will collect free of charge.

2.Write a list

Write a list of which services you need to change over: insurers, Driving license, water services, gas & electricity, Council tax, TV License, any finance agreements Etc. You’ll also have to write your gas and electricity reading on the day, so writing a list of to do’s for the day can keep your mind at ease.

3.Book a Removal Company

No matter how small your move is moving yourself can add so much more unwanted stress on the day. Getting a Removal Company allows you to be able to take them all important solicitor calls on the day, give your house the final clean and gives you time to do them last minute jobs.

4.Have Everything Packed Before Your Moving Day

Again this might sound obvious but actually having everything packed including the cutlery, the night before and consider using travel mugs for your morning teas & coffees and paper bowls for breakfasts have a small suitcase or bag ready to collect the last few bits and pieces.

5. Consider short term storage

If you’re downsizing house considering short term storage for some of your less used items this could be a life saver, saving you a lot of time. Most of the time when downsizing houses 1 room will be entirely out of order until some of the more essential items have been put away.

6. Consider once used boxes.

Once used boxes can save alot of money. However make sure these are a strong double walled box as these will have to be stacked on the back of your hire van or removals truck.

Heavier or fragile items should go into a smaller boxes and lighter objects in heavier boxes and lighter/bulky fragiles in larger boxes. Make sure fragile boxes are labelled this is because the company moving them will need to put the more fragile boxes towards the top of the stack.

7. Colour code boxes

Using coloured tape or taping different coloured paper to the boxes you can organise where each box belongs when it arrives to the new home. You could also put the colour on the doors around the new house in which the movers will be able to put the colour coded boxes in hassle free.

Moving Hacks & Tips
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