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As a removals company we of course sell all the Packaging you need for your house move, and better yet if you move through us we’ll even tell you exactly how much packaging you should need & we’ll also deliver it to you at no additional cost, we do this to make your life easier and often find it wouldn’t be possible to fit all the packaging in a car if you picked it up yourself. “Sure they would say that because they want you to buy there packaging”, I hear you say, well to show that this is not the case, we will even provide a number of places in which you can buy your own boxes from.

What type of Box will I need when moving house?

Traditionally when moving house you will only really need 2 different types of box. These are called a ‘Pack 2’ and ‘Pack 6’. The Pack 2 box is your larger box used for bed linens, clothes, toys, etc. The Pack 6 or ‘Book box’ as you will hear it being called is a smaller box used for heavier individual items such as books but is also used for fragile items and will usually be used for the majority of your kitchen goods.

How much will it cost me for all my household packaging materials?

How long is a piece of string. No, but seriously this all depends where you buy from, what your tailored requests are, and so many other variables. A rough estimate on average is around £100-£200. In our experience it almost always takes more material than you think.

So tell me where I can get my packaging?

Ahhh yes, I almost forgot. There’s a long list of places you can get your packaging, a quick google and you can add many more to this list but here are a few to get you started.

1. We’d recommend Hadrian Packaging, based in Newcastle. They offer great boxes some once used some brand new ideal when on a budget or when buying new quality and affordable. They sell as little or as many as you need, just remember to over-estimate a little to be sure.

2. Amazon Have a great range of every box you’ll need at a price which is cheaper than some of the average places, just a note of caution, be careful you get 2 of the correct sized box as there is a lot of variation when we look. There’s go global which are a tiny bit bigger than a book box and PAK Large or medium which are a good pack 6 box.

3. Sadlers Sell boxes once used or new and do affordable house bundles starting under £100.

4. Large Self Store Facilities You should be able to pick up house bundles from any large self storer, however the prices of the boxes tend to be rather expensive but they may have house moving bundles at better value. Be sure to shop around.

5. Most Removal Companies Yes that’s right, most other moving companies will also sell packaging. Again prices can vary quite a bit so it’s wise to check against the sources above.

Where Can I Buy Boxes?
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