Places You Can Get Your Boxes For Free

Boxes can often cost quite a lot of money, in some cases specialist Cardboard boxes can cost up to £40 and the average Medium cardboard box up to £4.50. . It is Not always recommended by Removal Companies but if you hunt around for good quality and size boxes you cant go wrong when packing them with your worldly possessions.

However have no fear as we have some thrifty tips for you!


Supermarkets are a great place as they often get scheduled Deliveries and therefor you can arrange the perfect time to collect your boxes. However always check with the manager as some stores prefer there boxes to go to the recycling centre. Although this is the most popular place to get free boxes always be wary of the quality of box you receive, your removal men on the day will have to stack these boxes as much as 10 ft high so if they look a bit squashed with one on top of the other maybe don’t use these throughout the whole household.

Pubs and Restaurants

If you have a lot of bottles going to your new home, try going to a pub or restaurant to ask for boxes, it can be a great idea on a budget as specialist boxes with separate bottle compartments can cost upto £6+ per box. Remember it costs businesses quite a lot to deal with cardboard waste so much of the time they’ll be happy to help out with something they no longer need.

T-shirt Printers

Any shop which doing embroidery and printing will get medium sized boxes, if you go to a popular store they will have many boxes which will be a perfect size for most of you lighter to medium weight items in your household.


If you have a lot of books/heavy smalls/fragile items then book boxes are the ideal box to pack your items in. Unlike most items books are shipped in strong, durable boxes to deal with the weight which is perfect for protecting your fragile items. Library’s & big book stores such as WaterStones are a good place to start, where possible it is always worth speaking to the stores first as often boxes are destroyed straight away to save space, unless of course they’re of use to savvy customer.

Social media

Social media sites such as Facebook market place can be a great place to look for free items, and you can set the distance from your area to save you traveling too far. Always be wary of the quality of used boxes and don’t feel obliged to take something if it’s not going to be of any use.


Gumtree is another great place for free items and great to buy and sell just make the same precautions as stated above.


Everyone’s on freecycle with some great free stuff on there, with every possibility there could also be some boxes on there also. As said before it is free and always be cautious using dirty/damp/damaged boxes can cause damage to your goods.

Where Can I Get Boxes Free?

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