Are you associated with a business in the North East region?

We are always on the lookout for partner businesses to add some value to our clients during their move and when finding their way around a new area. We already partner with a number of businesses such as local restaurants, shops and those providing fun activities but would like to expand our relationships further to provide a better offering to our clients.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when someone arrives at their new home they are greeted with a useful selection of offers and discounts for local goods and services? We think so, and that’s why we are reaching out to local business owners in the region to promote the local economy and capture the interest of people moving to the area. The intention is to provide a useful resource for our customers in giving them much needed information about a nice place grab a coffee or something fun for the kids for a break from unpacking, or maybe a place to buy that distinct piece of furniture to finish off their new home. And what better way to encourage new residents to sample the local area than to offer an exclusive discount by way of introduction, before they’ve even had time to explore.

We are open to suggestion on what form this collaboration takes so feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas, however we will be carefully curating any resources to ensure anything we pass on to our clients offers a real benefit to their experience when moving to an area.

We look forward to working with you.

Local partnerships wanted

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