When moving dismantling and reassembling all of your furniture can add a lot of worry to your moving experience. Choosing a company which offers this service can make the whole experience a lot easier, highly recommended if you can budget for it.

Some items may need dismantling before leaving your house and your moving company will advise you which items this will apply to on your survey. It could be for a number of reasons as to why your furniture needs dismantling before leaving your property.

One reason for this could be that the furniture is too big and there would be a higher risk of damage to the furniture or the house if it was to be taken out whole. The Removals companies that survey your home will address this to you when they visit. Another reason may be that the furniture has some age to it and is too unsteady to be transported while fully assembled.

It is also possible there may be access issues during your move too. Your furniture may have been brought in to your home in one piece, however your new home may have more restricted access. If it isn’t dismantled prior to your move your removal company may ask you to dismantle before they can assist. In most cases your mover will be able to help you with this if required but it is likely that this will incur additional charges, but it’s worth remembering that sometimes this can add significant time to a move so may not be possible within your timescale. It’s always best to do these things in advance of your moving date where possible.

It is worth noting that dining tables should always be disassembled as the above will all apply, in our experience the risk of damage is too high in most cases. While items like this may be moved without dismantling it simply isn’t worth the risk.

Dismantling and Reassembling furniture when Moving

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