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Moving house doesn’t always go well.

It’s an unfortunate truth that moving house can be a difficult process, with so many moving parts it is little surprise that things often go wrong which can result in delays to completion and families, sadly, left in the lurch. One way to get around the problem is to use storage as a stop-gap solution.

Having storage available can alleviate a good deal of stress from your move by providing a backstop should things go wrong by ensuring your belongings have somewhere to go that isn’t the back of a mover’s van. It also can remove the reliance on everything happening at the same time which can greatly improve the moving experience and give you time to breath between moving out and occupying your new property. Why shouldn’t you take a few days to decide where you might want your furniture before having it all arrive and working around it?

Choosing a storage option

Not every move is the same, but fortunately there are a number of storage options to choose from so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

You can opt for arranging and storing your items yourself in one of the many self-store locations around the country. These vary hugely in price and facilities but ultimately this approach gives you total control over your storage, many of these can be accessed 24 hours a day so they can be great for using like an extra garage for instance so you can cll in and collect items at your discretion. This option provides a lot of flexibility but often is significantly more expensive than other options to cater for that flexibility. Often this approach is used to store items in advance of the move at a more leisurely pace, if time is on your side it may be a good option for you.

Often a better option when moving house is to use a mover with integrated storage options. This means your belongings stay with your mover between moving out and moving in just like a normal move, of course with the added benefit that this isn’t all done at the same time. This option removes undue complications during your move and can make your experience a lot less stressful by simply removing the time-critical worries but changing little else. In our experience this is the option most used by our clients.

An alternative is to use a mix of these approaches using your mover to move you to storage of your choosing. This approach really involves two moves instead of one as in most cases it’s difficult for the mover to judge how much of the load will change between moves, this uncertainty can add complexity and potentially cost for some clients, however as moving home is not a one-size-fits-all business then it can be the best option in some circumstances.

One thing that is very important is that you know what you are getting when you make storage arrangements, especially when self storing. Facilities can be extremely varied which can cause issues when comparing quotes, keep an eye out for introductory offers but keep an eye on the small print, these often aren’t as good as they first look. Also please pay special attention to insurance for your items during storage, again the options can sometimes be difficult to decipher. If you are booking a survey with us we will give you as much assistance with choosing the best option for your move to give you the best experience on moving day.

Preparing to store your belongings

If you have chosen a storage option before your move it can greatly help to adapt your packing to make best use of your storage. Take a look at our packing tips for storage to get started, we’ll be adding a lot more on this later as it’s an area we get asked about a lot so stay tuned!

Using storage during your move
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