Now there’s a question. I’m sure you’d like an easy answer but unfortunately there are a large number of factors involved in working out the cost of a move, this is why most movers will insist in carrying out a relatively detailed survey before committing to a price. Whilst we appreciate this might be frustrating when you’re trying to work out a budget prices can vary greatly when we factor in some of the complexities of a move. Below are a few points to consider that often surprise clients, we hope they’re useful to you when looking at your options.

Space Vs Weight

Most removal and storage companies in the UK use a Luton type van as this offers a large amount of useable space and can be used to access most moves as they’re not too big to fit in most streets. There is a trade-off when using these vehicles, however, as they have a limited weight capacity to remain safe and legal on UK roads making it a challenge to plan and load efficiently and safely. For instance if all you were moving were boxes of books we would have to account for the vehicles being packed to around a third of their capacity, maybe even less! In reality we would most likely use a different type of vehicle for this type of move, but it does highlight that an experienced and responsible eye is needed when surveying your move.

In most cases we can estimate a move based on a mixture of item types to efficiently use the space, balancing large pieces of furniture with heavier, compact items to spread the weight across vehicles. To the untrained eye this can look like the vehicles are under-utilised, understandably of course.

Quite often we are asked to move heavy items such as potted garden plants which can add significant weight to a load. I’m sure you can imagine that say 20 litres of wet soil and a cement pot could easily weigh as much as a solid piece of furniture. Of course we’re happy to move these items but often after discussion our customers prefer to move these independently, or perhaps consider even leaving them behind, when faced with additional vehicle costs.

How far are you moving?

I’m sure you would expect that the farther you move the more it will cost, but it often seems a surprise how much of a factor this is, especially in a longer move. In order to estimate a price we need to make a calculation based on factors such as the distance, number of vehicles, number of staff required. Again our experienced surveyors will be able to give you an accurate price after a survey.

Are you moving within a chain?

Chains cause a lot of problems and uncertainty in UK moves but is a necessary hurdle in most cases. The difficulty in terms of physically moving your belongings is that you must be out of your property before you can take ownership of your new home, unfortunately this is not always a smooth process and is often subject to delays.

When there are delays you can be left in a limbo state where the only home for your belongings is our transport, not ideal for anyone. We appreciate this can be stressful for you and we’re more than happy to wait with you in these circumstances, however as a moving company this can cause significant expense to us and will need to be factored in when pricing your move. It might help to consider using a storage solution such as ours to ensure you are not locked into the chain, yes it will add further expense but can be invaluable when the wheels fall off so to speak.

What does it really cost to move house?
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